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PORVOO IS AN OPPORTUNITY - Porvoo Greens’ platform for the municipal elections

- Porvoo is an opportunity for a better life. In Porvoo, the emphasis is laid on long-term solutions and preventive work. In order to ensure health and social services, a moderate increase in taxes can be considered.

- Porvoo is an opportunity for a wage earner and an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur deserves support services such as business directories also in the future.

- It’s possible to travel within Porvoo, to Porvoo and from Porvoo not only by car but also by foot, bicycle, bus and perhaps in the future also by train. We want more transit parking in Porvoo, right to transfer with a single ticket and bicycle routes to the largest villages.

- Porvoo is an opportunity for children and teenagers. In Porvoo it’s possible to have hobbies and to study.

- Porvoo is an opportunity to live in a sustainable manner. In Porvoo it‘s possible to recycle, to farm organically and to enjoy beautiful nature not only in our national city park. Porvoo acts fairly and carries out its acquisitions with sustainability criteria in focus.

- In Porvoo it’s possible to live within reasonable expenses. In Porvoo more rental apartments are needed also for people with special needs.

- Porvoo is an opportunity also for future residents. Porvoo is an attractive place to move to.

- Porvoo has opportunities to sing, play an instrument, dance, draw, write, paint and exercise. Porvoo is a cultural city, in which it’s possible to enjoy the fruits of culture and to express oneself. A functioning library, facilities for rehearsals and performances as well as ateliers exist in Porvoo.

- Porvoo is an opportunity for the disabled and the elderly as well as for immigrants. Porvoo is an accessible city for everyone.

- In Porvoo it’s possible to use two languages and to be bilingual. In Porvoo multiculturality is a richness.

- Porvoo is an opportunity to do things differently. In Porvoo the attitude towards administrative structures is open-minded, as services for the residents are the priority. Services are accessible to all and not spread alongside highways.

- Porvoo is an attractive and fair employer with a good reputation. It’s skillful and motivated staff creates wellbeing.

- All of this is possible. It's up to you!

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