Olen porvoolaistunut vihreä kaupunkimetsäaktivisti, kaupunkisosiologi ja -maantieteilijä, sienestyksen, musiikin ja kirjoittamisen amatööri, jalkapallon moniharrastaja, isä, ulkoilija ja hyötyliikkuja. Olen yksin itse vastuussa blogini aineistoista ja mielipiteistä. Aineiston lainaaminen ilman lupaa kielletty.


Candidate Perukangas at your service!

Michael Perukangas, Master of Political Science, Chairman of the Greens of Porvoo District

I moved to Porvoo from Helsinki in the spring of 2011, having also been lived in Oslo quite recently. There I studied Urban Geography and obtained some valuable experience of the possible ways of strenghtening of and participating in local democracy. Various forms of physical exercise and arts, especially music, are integral parts of my life, and those themes are also at the very centre of my political agenda as I understand them as preventive welfare services. As a researcher I have become familiar with research financiation, services for the handicapped and elderly and youth inclusion, and I understand the importance of basic services for equality. Through working at the Porvoo hospital and my spouse who works as teacher I am quite familiar with the production of the basic services at the municipal level. I have a four-and-a-half year old son who lives mainly with his mother in Oslo. I can be contacted by e-mail furttis at hotmail.com and mmperukangas at gmail.com and by phone 040-7481437.

If you feel like supporting my campaign, you can do it by contributing to the bank account below (by clicking the link below):


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