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Glorious John gave life to Elgar

My review of sir John Barbirolli's two-cd set of Elgar symphonies at Amazon.co.uk can be read by clicking the headline of this blog. It goes as follows:

English classical music is for a non-Briton an acquired taste. I have learnt to love Vaughan Williams and have so far recognised and acknowledged the virtues of some of Elgar's work: the cello concerto, string serenade and Enigma variations. As symphonic music, preferably in the Germanic sense of word is for me THE music, I have tried to allow Elgar's two symphonies quite a few chances. I already had given up any hope that they would be anything than extremely null, much ado about nothing in symphonic terms. Not even the classic account of Boult and sir Edward himself had done enough to suggest anything other than this music being extremely lethargic. But, glorious John gave them life! Now they are not only music but exitingly pulsating, romantically highly charged. Well done and thank you, sir John! Also the fill-ups are more than acceptably done.

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